The Stanford Daily: Blending Together

Check out this recent article on mixed race students at Stanford University documenting responses to the lack of a multiracial student association on Stanford’s campus.

“At Stanford, this rise in the mixed-race population may finally create a multicultural community in which mixed-race students feel they can belong.”

The “finally” makes me wonder about the idea of sense of belonging, which is a widely researched topic in higher education.  Do multiracial students need to have an association to feel like they belong?  An answer to this question might be complicated (at least we hope it wouldn’t be a simple “yes” or “no” answer) by the fact that different students might feel a sense of “belonging” differently, depending on a wide range of factors contingent on the identities (not just racial) students hold and the ways they make meaning of these identities in varying contexts.

This is a great article for increasing visibility of multiracial college students and to hopefully generate some important discussions on the complexities surrounding these issues.