Checking Two or More Boxes: Revisiting the ‘What are you?’ Question in College Admissions Practices

The MultiRacial Network is excited to receive current events, articles, and other happenings that involve contemporary issues on the complexity of Multiracial identity, especially when they’re forwarded to us by the one and only Dr. Kris Renn! The following blog post is a dialogue between Rachel Luna, our very own MRN Social Media Whiz Kid, and Heather Lou, Incoming Chair about A Multi-Part Question (Kiley, 2011)… hot off the Internet press from Inside Higher Ed.

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Space to Tell Our Stories

By Adam Ortiz, MRN Publications Coordinator

I did not tell my multiracial narrative until I was 25 years old.  It happened at a retreat in graduate school in the context of a racial affinity group.  Paired up with a peer, I was asked to discuss my experience as a Person of Color.  I was profoundly nervous doing so because the complexity of my racial existence was not one I was used to articulating.  Despite some awkwardness and tongue-tied moments, I managed to tell my new colleague about some of the most poignant experiences I have had.  And no one – not even my closest friends – had ever learned about them before. Continue reading “Space to Tell Our Stories”