“Who Am I” Poems

By Laura Carroll, MRN Events Coordinator

During my years as a student, I’ve been asked time and time again to reflect on my personal identity.  At first, this sort of intense reflection seemed unnecessary, but as I matured I began to reach a deeper understanding of myself and appreciate my multicultural identity within society.  As a member of several underrepresented populations, I feel that I have a perspective on life that many do not and will not ever have the pleasure of experiencing.

To aid in this journey of personal reflection, the infamous “Who Am I” poem activity was often assigned.   “Who Am I” poems are a great way to increase awareness and encourage self-development among our students and within ourselves.  This activity allows participants the opportunity to reflect on various aspects of their identity and/or focus on one specific factor.  Each statement beginning with two simple, yet powerful words “I Am…” provides a non-threatening starting point for expression.  In sharing these poems, participants can discover similarities that break down barriers and open the possibilities for cross-cultural communication. Continue reading ““Who Am I” Poems”