ACPA12: Are You Ready for “A Night of Possibilities” at Culture Fest?

Here at the Multiracial Network, we are excited to “create possibilities” in Louisville for the 2012 ACPA Annual Convention. We want you to be excited, too! Join MRN on our blog every week from now until convention to read about awesome events, meet amazing people, and get tips for having the best convention experience you can have!

As we’re counting down to Convention, securing reservations, connecting with old friends, and excited to meet new ones; there are tons of awesome sessions and exciting events in the works!  In the previous two blog posts of our ACPA12 Convention Series, we shared a preview of some great sessions and the MRN event line-up.  In this post we’d like to highlight none other than the infamous, creatively expressive, and enchantingly artistic Annual Culture Fest!  This event will be held on Tuesday, March 27 at 7pm in the Galt House – Cochran.

Sponsored by the Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs, Culture Fest is a performance showcase that captures and celebrates diversity.  This year’s Culture Fest theme is “A Night of Possibilities” and it truly encompasses the treats that we have in store for you.  We’re excited to not only have signature performances, delicious hors d’oeuvre, and amazing people, but also a 25th Anniversary tribute to APAN, LN, NAN, and PAN.  Think of all the possibilities as we recognize the efforts and accomplishments of these networks, while enjoying some powerful performances!

Adriel Luis
Adriel Luis is MRN's spotlighted performer at the 2012 Culture Fest!

MRN is proud to announce our spotlighted performer……drum roll please!!  The talented musician, performer, designer + consultant, writer, visual artist, educator & culturist Adriel Luis!  Adriel Luis is a Chinese performance artist whose ancestral Diaspora threads Hong Kong, Latin America, and the United States.  He is traveling from California to share his creativity, thoughtful expressions, and educational perspectives on various avenues of social change.

Adriel lives by the belief that “Imagination and creativity will save the world” and has spent the past decade pushing artistic boundaries.  His spoken word funk band iLL-Literacy has performed and taught at over 200 campuses nationwide.  His social commentary has been published on, Colorlines, and Hyphen Magazine.  The film adaptation of his poem Slip of the Tongue has been screened at over 75 film festivals worldwide and has received 150,000 Youtube views.

At Culture Fest, we will have the privilege of experiencing his latest project Beast Reality.  Beast Reality is a performance piece that reaches far into the realms of fantasy to question the truth about modern concepts of love. Merging live music, spoken word poetry, installation art, and film, the piece is a collection of stories that each revolve around the protagonist’s romantic encounters with mythical and science fiction creatures.  From mermaids to android robots to demigods, each relationship is explored by juxtaposing our primal need for affection with the sociological guidelines for love.

Performer Adriel Luis
Adriel Luis brings his latest project, "Beast Reality" to the 2012 Culture Fest!

Through the use of modern myth, Beast Reality touches on the themes of interracial relationships, sexuality, marriage and religion, and human loneliness ­ – ultimately asking the audience to confront if our contemporary expectations of an “ideal partner” are as fictitious and far-fetched as the creatures presented onstage.  Inspired by ancient folklore across the world where romantic situations between humans and mythical entities appear regularly, Beast Reality will contrast such archaic themes with the use of projected film visuals, digital drum machines, vocal loopers, and stories that confront modern dilemmas.

We invite you to check out his work online:

and encourage you to see him LIVE at Culture Fest on Tuesday, March 27 at 7pm in the Galt House – Cochran.  This is an event you don’t want to miss!!  Bring your friends!!

Convention is less than one month away, and we are getting even more excited to see you all in Louisville!  Keep checking out the MRN blog for more previews and tips for your ACPA12 experience!


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