ACPA12: More Possibilities with Culture Fest Performer Adriel Luis

Here at the Multiracial Network, we are excited to “create possibilities” in Louisville for the 2012 ACPA Annual Convention. We want you to be excited, too! Join MRN on our blog every week from now until convention to read about awesome events, meet amazing people, and get tips for having the best convention experience you can have!

So far in the ACPA12 Convention Series, we’ve talked about:

Our latest installment in this series presents an exclusive interview with Adriel Luis, MRN’s spotlight performer for Culture Fest.  Mark your calendars now for Tuesday, March 27 at 7pm at the Galt House – Cochran to see an amazing show featuring Adriel and many others.

Adriel Luis
MRN is proud to present Adriel Luis as our spotlight performer for Culture Fest 2012.

Question: What sparks your creativity?  Where do you get your inspiration for your work?
: I love watching kid’s shows and movies because oftentimes they’re the only places where you can find multimedia that flaunts unfiltered imagination. I guess somewhere along the way people decided that bright colors and ridiculously catchy songs don’t have a place in grown-up media. My daily media consumption ranges from NPR’s Morning Edition to Yo Gabba Gabba, and everything in between. What draws it all together is information that’s presented with the intention to fascinate the audience – whether it’s information that derives from this world or another. I hope to bring this in my work as well.

Question: What can those who attend Culture Fest expect from your performance?
I’ve spent that past half decade touring with my group iLL-Literacy, and though working with friends has allowed me to expand my creativity exponentially, I haven’t really given my individual work space to flex. Since I last developed solo material, I’ve gone on a binge of funk music, traveled Europe and Asia, and fallen in love. I’ve also learned to produce music and edit video. So this performance will be a blend of my spoken word roots and my new chops with multimedia.

Question: What are your thoughts on multiracial initiatives in today’s society?
Adriel: We’re in an interesting time in history right now – the concept of race has been short-lived, and there are many who are working hard to construct a narrative that it is fading. Meanwhile, technological and political revolutions are rallying people worldwide to address issues of poverty and oppression that holds race in its core. Soon online interaction will take precedence over person-to-person, and at that point class and economic access will determine the ways people govern and live. Right now it’s crucial for us to build infrastructures through policy, organizing, and culture that alleviates the complex disparities that exist because of racial turmoil that has been swept under the rug.

Question: What is your favorite dessert?
Adriel: This changes all the time. Right now my heart belongs to lava cake.

And for the cherry on top, here’s another great video to give you a taste of the type of performance you’ll see from Adriel in at Culture Fest:

We are super to see everyone in Louisville!  Keep checking out the MRN blog for more previews and tips for your ACPA12 experience!


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