ACPA12: Congratulating MRN Award Winners!

Here at the Multiracial Network, we are excited to “create possibilities” in Louisville for the 2012 ACPA Annual Convention. We want you to be excited, too! Join MRN on our blog every week from now until convention to read about awesome events, meet amazing people, and get tips for having the best convention experience you can have!

So far in the ACPA12 Convention Series, we’ve talked about:

Our latest post in this series comes from Alicia Boards, Awards and Recognition Coordinator for MRN:

I am delighted to announce this year’s 2012 MRN winners! We are honored to present these awards to the following individuals at the 2012 ACPA Convention in Louisville, KY. We would love for you to join us in recognizing the award winners at the MRN Open Business meeting Tuesday, March 27 from 2:15-3:45pm in the Galt House-Wilkinson Room.


Professional of the Year
The recipient will exemplify significant achievements and contributions to their institution(s) and/or the larger student affairs field regarding the promotion and encouragement of multiracial awareness. This award can be for a seasoned professional (+ 5 years) or new professional (1-4 years) in higher education.

Warren Kelley
Assistant Vice President of Student Affairs
University of Maryland, College Park

Bio for Dr. Warren Kelley:
Dr. Warren Kelley is an Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Maryland, College Park. Dr. Kelley coordinates finances, facilities, human resources, information technology, and administrative services for the Division of Student Affairs. He also directs career services, parent and family services, and diversity initiatives within the Division. Dr. Kelley has been at the University for 28 years, working in three major divisions – administrative affairs, academic affairs, and student affairs. He has served on the University Equity Council, authored the Campus Cross Cultural Programming Series and guided campus responses to hate incidents.

Dr. Kelly has been the recipient of the President’s Distinguished Service Award. He holds a PhD and a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, a Master’s in General Administration, and a Bachelor of Architecture.  Dr. Kelley’s work as a doctoral student focused heavily on understanding the multiracial experience in the United States, culminating in his dissertation entitled Psychological adjustment, behavior and health problems in multiracial young adults. He has been the faculty advisor for the Multiracial Biracial Student Association since its inception in 2003. Dr. Kelley’s mother is Japanese and his father is African-American. He lives in Columbia, Maryland with his wife and two daughters.

Excerpt from the nomination:
“I have had the privilege to have been mentored by Warren as a graduate student.  As the co-advisor to MBSA, I have seen the value and importance of Warren’s work on our campus.  Warren’s outward support alone as a visible multiracial administrator on our campus is perhaps one of the most valuable contributions he has made to the multiracial community on our campus.   It is rare that multiracial students have visible role models that they could identify with in the administration.  Despite Warren’s many other duties as a professional, he actively makes time for students, whether it’s as simple as an informal chat to attending student events promoting multiracial awareness.  Had it not been his support for multiracial students on our campus through MBSA, the multiracial community on our campus would not be as vibrant as it is today.”

Student of the Year
The recipient will exemplify significant promise and potential to exceed in student affairs/higher education as well as an interest in promoting and encouraging multiracial awareness. This award can be for a current undergraduate or graduate student.

rita zhang
Graduate Assistant Coordinator for Multicultural Student Outreach and Advocacy
University of Maryland College Park/ Stamp Student Union – Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy

Bio for rita zhang:
rita zhang is a masters student in the College Student Personnel program with an emphasis on social justice practice in higher education at the University of Maryland, College Park.  She is the current Multicultural Student Outreach and Advocacy graduate coordinator in the office of Multicultural Involvement and Community Advocacy.  In this role, rita serves as the primary liaison to the multiracial/multiethnic community on campus. As the co-advisor to the Multiracial Biracial Student Association (MBSA), she has helped the group expand Mixed Madness Week to Mixed Madness Month and develop a credit-bearing course titled “Unpacking the ‘Multi’ Experience” on current multiracial issues. rita has special interests in social justice activism, community/coalition building, and critical pedagogy and practice.

Excerpts from Nominations:
“rita also has incredible promise as a social justice educator, demonstrated by her conceptualization, creation, and implementation of an experiential-based class exploring issues around multiracial, multiethnic, and multicultural student experiences in higher education.”

“rita embodies care and a social justice framework that is welcoming to multiracial students. She is a passionate graduate student who possesses a keen mind and a strong voice. In fact, she regularly challenges oppression toward people of color and has advocated for the needs of multiracial students.”

“rita has also advocated on behalf of multiracial biracial issues and concerns on campus. She has consistently brought their concerns before administrators  and has made a difference for students on campus.”

“Through my work with rita in MICA, I find that she is very highly regarded by her students and peers because she carries a deep passion for finding ways to give voice to those who are disenfranchised. She has a unique ability to bring out the very best in students in a marvelously genuine manner.”

Outstanding Research Contribution
The recipient(s) will exemplify cutting-edge research in contributing to the enhancement of multiracial scholarship in student affairs/higher education. This may include empirical research or theory development by a single investigator/author or a collaborative research team.

Alissa R. King
Instructor in Social Sciences
Iowa Central Community College

Excerpt from nomination:
“King’s phenomenological study highlighted the importance of intentional spaces to process identity, environmental context and systems, and meaning making for female college students who identify as Multiracial/Biracial-Bisexual/Pansexual.  The qualitative interviews shed light on the ways participants navigated dominant spaces and King provided thorough discussion, recommendations, and directions of future research.  King’s research and advocacy for marginalized students has created a space for a more thorough discussion of complex and fluid identities and student development in postsecondary education, which is more than deserving of the Outstanding Research Contribution Award.”

Outstanding Initiative for Multiracial Awareness
The recipient(s) will exemplify innovative approaches to promoting education on and advancing practices toward multiracial students and/or professionals (also includes work with MRN). This award can be for an entire institution, an academic or student affairs department, or individuals working within higher education. 

 UC San Diego 2011 Equity-Minded Education Workshop / BIT & Ally Training

Excerpt from nomination:
“In August 2011, all seven areas that constitute UC San Diego’s residential life program partnered with the Inter-College Residence Association, the Sexual Assault Resource Center, and various other campus offices to train nearly two-hundred student leaders on the topics of equity, inclusion, social justice, and bystander intervention.  In this breakthrough collaborative, thirty professional staff from units across campus served as small-group facilitators during an intensive three-day workshop in which students were challenged to think critically about their own identities, the identities of folks in their communities, and the ways in which they could respond to incidents of intolerance, hatred, and bigotry.”

Join us in congratulating these amazing award winners at our Open Business meeting Tuesday, March 27 from 2:15-3:45pm in the Galt House-Wilkinson Room.  And of course, stay tuned to the MRN blog for updates and possibilities for the ACPA12 Convention.  See you all in Louisville!


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