ACPA12: Finding Community with MRN

Here at the Multiracial Network, we are excited to “create possibilities” in Louisville for the 2012 ACPA Annual Convention. We want you to be excited, too! Join MRN on our blog every week from now until convention to read about awesome events, meet amazing people, and get tips for having the best convention experience you can have!

So far in the ACPA12 Convention Series, we’ve talked about:

In our latest post in this series, Adam Ortiz (MRN Publications Coordinator) tells his story of why he got involved with MRN:

During my first summer as a student affairs practitioner I decided to search for a professional development endeavor outside of my institution. While I love my institution, my campus is small and I wanted to find a network of professionals to work with in a context directly related to my personal and professional interests. Fortuitously, I had recently received an email about open leadership positions from the Multiracial Network (MRN) via the official listserv I signed up for during my first year of graduate school. This opened up a door into a community of people that have since been some of the most supportive I have known.

Adam Ortiz, MRN Publications Coordinator
Adam Ortiz, MRN Publications Coordinator, found community with MRN and invites everybody to join us at convention!

One of the most salient traits of being multiracial, for me, is a lack of racial solidarity that I feel many monoracial people experience either explicitly or implicitly every day. While I have found support and friendship with other multiracial people in my life, being a part of MRN has given me the opportunity to grow as a professional in the company of people who have some significant shared racial experience – or, at least, are familiar with those experiences. Being a part of this community has been liberating in myriad ways, providing the foundation to form unique friendships and learn new skills. I am always impressed with the simultaneous hard work and good humor that accompany the collective work of the people in MRN.

In about a week, I will be meeting most of these people in person for the first time. I am equal parts excited and nervous – but all for good reasons. We have a lot of great events planned and will no doubt be spending a lot of time together. What I’m most looking forward to are those nuanced moments when we will be celebrating logistical victories (like people coming to our social ) along with the more subtle victory of finding solidarity with a group of people who have long existed on the margins.

If you are a multiracial practitioner and coming to ACPA this year, I recommend reaching out and getting to know some of us on the leadership team. Each of us brings our own unique set of experiences, but also a commitment to multiracial students and fellow professionals. You can find a complete list of MRN-related events elsewhere on this blog as well as in the MRN newsletter, which you can subscribe to by emailing me at Hope to see you all in Louisville!


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