ACPA13: MRN Stories featuring Heather Lou

The Multiracial Network is thrilled for the upcoming 2013 ACPA National Convention in Las Vegas!  This year, we will be “inspiring communities of well-being” AND celebrating MRN’s 10th Anniversary.  In the weeks leading up to convention, the MRN blog will showcase interesting stories, awesome event previews, and much more.  Stay tuned to see what excitement is in store for this year – you don’t want to miss anything!

MRN is excited to kick off our second annual Convention blog series with a video message from current chair, Heather Lou.  She shares why she joined the Multiracial Network, encourages us all to get involved with our passions, and invites everyone to join us in celebrating MRN’s 10th Anniversary at the 2013 ACPA convention in Las Vegas!

Hi MRN. My name is Heather Lou and I am the current chair for 2012-2013. This past year, I have served as current chair and it has been quite the journey. Between finishing graduate school at UVM (Go Catamounts!) and beginning my first professional position in residential life, it has been hectic. The thing that has kept me grounded and excited about my work in student affairs has been the leadership team and general body of MRN and the Standing Committee for Multicultural affairs.

Before I even applied to graduate school, I knew that I wanted to explore Multiracial identity development, inclusion and support for students of color in college. Part of that passion stemmed from my own HAPA and mixed identity, as well as my own experience with microaggressions and racism throughout my childhood and education. Student affairs administrators at San Jose State University mentored and challenged me to think critically about my identities, my ability to be an aspiring advocate and ally in postsecondary education, and helped me find ways to get involved with ACPA as a budding young professional.

As my time as current chair comes to a close, I invite you all to find ways to get involved in work that you are passionate about. Whether is it underwater basketweaving, flying kites, or (hopefully even) the possibilities within the Multiracial Network, I hope that you can discover a way to find inspiration for yourself and to make waves to inspire others.

MRN hopes you join us to celebrate our 10th anniversary in Las Vegas – Inspiring Communities of Wellbeing. Our 10th anniversary social will be on Tuesday, March 5 from 9:30-11pm and our open business meeting will be on Wednesday, March 6 from 6-7:30pm. Congratulations to CMA and the other five networks on their upcoming and recent anniversary celebrations. It is an honor to work in solidarity with you all.

If you’d like to find ways to get involved with MRN, like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter at @acpa_MRN! Have a great beginning of the academic term and see you in Vegas!


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