MRN is Getting Social!


Happy Autumn, MRN!

On November 7th, members of the MRN leadership team will be hosting a social in Amherst, Massachusetts.  As one of the coordinators for this event, I am really excited about the opportunity to connect with other professionals in the Pioneer Valley about various multiracial initiatives, issues on campus, and related topics.

The idea for this social stemmed from a conversation that some of us had about utilizing MRN as a tool for bringing people together to talk about multiracial topics. As a group with a large leadership team and broad member base, MRN can be a way for professionals in higher education to network socially and professionally.

We hope to accomplish this by creating spaces where people can gather and feel comfortable bringing whatever they want to the table. Some people may focus more on academic research while others may want to process tangible ways to program in the context of student activities. What matters most is that ideas are being generated and that connections are being made!  

If you live in the Pioneer Valley region, we would love to see you at our event on November 7th. If you cannot make it to ours, we would like to support you in hosting an MRN social in your own region. We are happy to offer you the resources necessary to plan for these spaces, advertise, and hopefully build new relationships with local colleagues. Please contact us if you want our help!

If you are interested in coming to the MRN social on November 7th, the details are as follows:

MRN Amherst Social

High Horse Brewery and Bistro

Thursday, November 7th


RSVP by November 5th to

We look forward to seeing you there!