10 Ten Suggestions for Making the Most of your Convention Experience

As ACPA draws closer, get excited with a weekly dose of MRN Blogs! Hope to see you in Indy soon. Whether you will make it or not, we remain united in solidarity over multiracial endeavors!

This list was conceived through joint conversations between the Asian Pacific American Network (APAN), the Multiracial Network (MRN),  and the Standing Committee for Graduate Students and New Professionals (SCGSNP). It is our hope to support you in all your convention experiences and remain a support group to all professionals in the field. 


1. Check out the conference program before arriving and create an itinerary of sessions you would like to attend. Be sure to account for travel time between locations!

2. Visit the CMA Network and Standing Committee Socials. Each CMA Network (APAN, LN, MRN, NAN, and PAN) hosts their own social during conference and attending them is a great way to meet people!

3. Connect via Twitter and Facebook by following the convention hashtag #ACPA14. Each CMA has its own Twitter handle and Facebook page packed with great information:

*   Asian Pacific American Network: @acpaapan

*   Multiracial Network: @acpa_mrn

*   Pan-African Network: @acpa_pan

*   Latino Network: @ACPALN

*   Standing Committee for Graduate Student and New Professionals: @SCGSNP

4. If you attend a session that you enjoy, connect with the speaker afterward and thank them!

5. Take a break from using your smartphone and introduce yourself to new people in person.

6.  If you engage with someone and they give you their business card, jot down a quick reminder note on the back and follow up with them via email when you get back to campus.

7. Don’t forget to give others your business card as well! Look for an app that keeps you organized.  CardMunch is perfect for keeping all your business cards in one space.  It turns business cards into contacts!

8. Take some time to explore the local scenery. Indianapolis is full of great restaurants, interesting shops, and local art exhibits. Invite some of the people you have recently met!

9. Take care of yourself. Conference can be hectic, so make sure to find some down time.

10. If you’re feeling lost, connect with a network or Standing Committee and try to attend their pre-conference social, their open business meeting, their social, and any related presentations.  This is a great way to learn more, engage, and find your community within ACPA.



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