ACPA Listicle Time

Why ACPA is going to be the most awesome thing ever! MRN Edition

Given the trend of listicles and the popularity of sites like Buzzfeed, MRN decided that it’s readers deserved a more hyperbole-filled post with an aim at getting you excited about the ACPA Conference in just a few hours!! You won’t believe how much your mind will be blown by the greatest thing since sliced bread, the invention of the wheel, and the discovery of fire.

It’s coming… ACPA.

acpa is coming

Pull out your conference clothes.

acpa tie

Call your grad school friends to see if they coming.

baby excited

And fly to tropical Indianapolis.


First stop: Swag.


Can’t miss any great speakers. Seriously. Brene Brown bring us home!

Brene Brown

Ain’t no party like a higher ed CultureFest on Sunday!

dancing birds

Find the best session to attend.

superman finding sessions

Let’s not forget the CMP socials!

party dog

We know you planned your own as well.

party baby

Remember this is a conference! At the end of the day, this trip can make you a better professional.

baby at conference


And as you head home, remember the insights, the lessons, and the good times.

thinking gif

And for those who couldn’t make it, you can live vicariously through social media.

texting gif

And always stay connected with us throughout blogs, emails, and solidarity in the common causes.

hands holding

Happy ACPA Conference everyone!!

happy bunny



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