MRN @Convention 2016

It’s that time of year again. ACPA Convention 2016

If you’re like me, it sneaks up way to soon, and you spend the weeks leading up to Convention going “There’s just not enough time!”

baby meme

And then when you get there, you’re so glad you came and you don’t want it to end.

rabbit meme

Let us at MRN help you get to that point, where you are so excited to get there and you won’t want it end.

This Convention we focus on the family. Let’s take a look:

In chronological order:


Sunday March 6, 8-9pm  Palais des Congres-710A

Come check us out at our table at CelebrACPA. Besides our 10 Tips for Working with Multiracial Individuals and our very popular buttons, this year we have a photo campaign too. Snap your best selfie with a quote about what MRN means to you or share a shoutout to your multiracial family. #MRNPride



Sunday March 6, 9-10pm Palais des Congres-710B

Immediately following CelebrACPA, we have the wonderful CultureFest. Check out Canadian slam poet, Patrick de Belen and Inuit throat singer and hand drumming singer, Nina Segalowitz. For a sneak peak, here’s Patrick de Belen’s “Stairway to Heaven” and Nina Segalowitz performing in Vancouver. Culturefest is a celebration of the talent, perseverance and resilience all peoples can display. Presented by the Coalition for Multicultural Affairs, you don’t want to miss these unique performances that we hope are not once-in-a-lifetime but up and coming frequent artistic displays.

Block Social

Monday March 7, 9:30-11pm Westin-Beaver Hall

Continuing the tradition of celebration and socializing, join all the CMA Networks at our block social, where MRN has some exciting new activities. In addition to our photo campaign, we have ordered the multiracial board game Mixed Race in a Box! Come meet the MRN family, play some games, relax, and, if you want to have more fun, sign up for our listservs and position openings. Also, check out a special slideshow of what it means to be part of the MRN family with photos of members family. #MRNPride will be strong this night!

mixedrace in a box

Open Business Meeting

Tuesday March 8 12:30-1:30pm Palais de Congres-520B

Like what you see, come get more involved. MRN is a small but crucial group of passionate individuals who are looking to support multiracial professionals and their constituents. We need more help and hope you come to our Open Business Meeting to see how you can get involved. We give you updates on some of our initiatives this year, the major presences we’ll have at NCORE, upcoming scholarship ,and our advocacy goals. Come with your own ideas and help us grow our network!

PS It’s OK to bring your lunch to this meeting, we know what time it is!

MRN Sponsorship

We are also supporting some of our peer groups initiatives.
The Coalition for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Awareness has an awesome T-Shirt campaign around gender pronouns. Help out a great cause here:


So excited to see many of you this coming week. If you can’t be there, follow us on our social media, including our Facebook page and Twitter handle, @ACPA_MRN

Happy Convention! See you in Montréal! And don’t forget your passport!


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