Blog Purpose
The Multiracial Network (MRN) blog is an online forum for college student affairs professionals and researchers to share and discuss information about current and emerging mixed race and multiethnic trends within higher education.


The MRN Blog is moderated by the MRN Publications Coordinator, who receives submissions on a monthly basis. Ideas, feedback, and submissions can be sent to cma_mrn@acpa.nche.edu

About MRN
The Multiracial Network (MRN) is one of five networks within the Standing Committee on Multicultural Affairs (CMA) of the American College Personnel Association (ACPA). CMA serves as a liaison to ACPA’s leadership, focusing attention on issues in education and trends, which affect students and professionals of color in the College Student Personnel field.

Specifically, CMA is composed of five singular networks: Asian Pacific American, Latino, Multiracial, Native American, and Pan African. All five networks work collectively to promote diversity within ACPA. CMA is a nationally-visible and action-oriented group that addresses the changing cultural dynamics within higher education institutions and works to create multicultural strategies and solutions.

The Multiracial Network (MRN) seeks to bring together faculty, staff, and students interested in the promotion and recognition of multiracial issues in higher education. This will be accomplished through developing educational initiatives, engaging in critical dialogue, and supporting broad institutional change. The MRN seeks to be inclusive and welcomes everyone who is interested in advancing the Multiracial Network’s goals.

As we move forward into an increasingly multiracial/multiethnic society, the MRN seeks to advocate on behalf of multiracial individuals, support those who work with/educate multiracial students, cultivate scholarly research, and gain a visible presence within CMA and the larger ACPA body.

The Mission of MRN is to provide both resources and information about working with multiracial college students as well as support for multiracial student affairs professionals within ACPA.


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