Webinar: Race Policy & Multiracial Americans

Join the Multiracial Network in a hour long webinar discussion on Friday, October 28th with Dr. Kathleen Odell Korgen (Editor) and Dr. Marc Johnston-Guerrero (Chapter author) as they discuss in the first book to offer a closer look at the effects of multiracial citizens on race-related policies.


Registration link:  gotowebinar.com/register/9102985786355176193

Webinar is open for all and is free!

 Downloadable mrn-webinar flyer.

“As the number of people who identify as multiracial is growing rapidly, policies that relate to race continue to lag behind, failing to properly account for the ways that a multiracial citizenry complicates programs aimed at mitigating the effects of racism, ameliorating past discrimination, and more. The book takes up key questions relating to the intersection of race-based policies, social welfare, education, and multiracial citizens, while drawing on tools and techniques from a range of fields to present a picture of where we’re at today and what possible steps are needed to create more effective and more inclusive policies in the future.”

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Now What? A Webinar About Getting Involved in ACPA


Inspired by an exciting and reinventing ACPA14 Convention, the Multiracial Network (MRN) hosted this webinar to share stories and tips for getting involved in entity groups without ACPA.

Panelists include:

* Brian Arao (Past-Chair for Commission for Social Justice Educators); 
* Beth John (Past-Chair for Multiracial Network and Member of Mid-Level Managers Group);
* Bernie Liang (Past-Chair for Asian Pacific American Network and Convention Planning Team); 
* Heather C. Lou (Past-Chair for Multiracial Network); 
* Rachel Luna (Current-Chair for Multiracial Network and Past-Coordinator for Sponsored Programs in Standing Committee for Graduate Students and New Professionals); and, 
* Windi Sasaki (Past-Chair of Standing Committee for Multicultural Affairs, Past-Chair for Asian Pacific American Network, Convention Planning Team)

We have created a recap of the webinar here and hope that you will check it out!

Please let us know if you would like to participate in future MRN-sponsored webinars, or if you have ideas for new ones!

-Multiracial Network